WIRED | Laser-Shooting Planes and World War I

(WIRED, 09-07-2018)

Laser-Shooting Planes Uncover the Horror and Humanity of World War I

Het zeer populaire Amerikaanse online technologiemagazine WIRED wijdde een artikel aan ons onderzoek.

“Because some of those billions of photons slip past the trees and grass, geographers can also make maps of what the landscape would look like without vegetation. Maps archaeologists can use to look for traces of war without the cost, time, or intrusiveness of exploring by foot. And here, they got results. “This data has shown us that 12 percent of the landscape in our research area still bear features of the war, especially in woodland and pasture,” says Wouter Gheyle, an archaeologist at Ghent University who specializes in lidar imagery.”

Lees hier het volledige artikel op de WIRED website



(WIRED JAPAN, 17-08-2018)


Ook de Japanse site van WIRED publiceerde een artikel over ons LiDAR-onderzoek

Bekijk hier de Japanse versie